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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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terrorism. he is currently housed in the same manhattan jail as bernie madoff. the former russian air force officer has been accused of supplyinweapons that were used in conflicts in africa and the middle east. >> stay with us now. news 4 continues at this moment at 5:00 a.m. >> damaging storms in the middle of the night. some fast moving ferocious storms hammered our area, toppling treesnd leaving a path of destruction. good morning. i'm joe krebs >> i'm yung yang. welcome to news 4 today for this wednesday, november 17th, 2010. be prepared for a roof commute this morning. overnight storms toppled trees over your area, and this one near the naval observatory in nest e washington. and reports of bad damage to roofs, including the aj wright
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storm in brentwood. a live report from northeast a little later in this hour >> storms have left thousands of area residents in the dark this morning. northern virginia, more than 7,000 dmin yann customers have no power. pepco restoring power to1,400. bge says 21,000 are in the dark right now. several homes in baltimore have been damaged by what may have been a tornado. wbal rio is reporting that firefighters are searching through homes in northeast baltimore that were badly damaged my a strong wind gusts. there were reports of people injured but no reports of any deaths at this point. more details as they become available. tom kierein is here in the udio. the storms, first of all, are they gone, out of e area? >> yes. . things settled downment we had isolated cells along a line of thunderstorms that did produce areas of wind damage. stafford county, fairfax, arlington, here in the district
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of columbia, as well as parts of prince george's county, north and east into baltimore. well, this morning things have settled down, i'm happy to report. looking at the radar, few lingering sprinkles in northern shenandoah valley and frederick county in maryland. an we have temperatures right now that are in the low to mid-50s. it's at 56 now at national airport. and we will have it climb perhaps into the mid-60s by midafternoon. right now foout of the mountain. a powerful area of low pressure deened overnight and swung a cool front through i us. that triggered storms which weakened over the atlantic. for us, we'll have sunshine back but a blustery northwest wind gusting to 35 miles per hour. we may get into the low and mid-60s by early to midafternoon. and the winds could bring down small tree limbs with gusts to 35 throughout much of the day.
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sunris 6:53. sunset at 4:53. mostly clear by sunset. a bright nearly fool moon by midnight or so and clouds return as we have another weaker area of low pressure coming through with upper level disturbance. it may ge us a few sprinkles this morning. thuray, friday, saturday, coming up in ten minutes at 5:11. tom, we'll start on the interstates where it's pretty qut so far this morning. over on the capitol beltway, landover, wilson bridge, college park, no early worries. very good news there. we'll head over and take a look along the inner loop and outer loop between i-95 and 66 on the west side in virginia. fairly smooth sailing. route 28, just south or very close to braddock out to the west, a word of a tree down on the roadway. this is 28 and 66. authorities are checking of a tree down. northeast washington, rhode
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island closed between 4th and 12th. out to the rails to see how we're doing so far. quiet start. metro, vre and mark, all reporting no early delays. joe? thank you very much, jerry. jurors will deliberate the fate of chandra levy's accused killer. attorneys made their final arguments yesterday. prosutors closed by saying guandique's face was the last thing levy saw bore she died in rock creek park. but the defense said that was fiction. they argued there was no evidence lking guandique to where levy's body was found. they said former california congressman gary condit is the one acting guilty. hidna was found in her undergarments in her apartment. we now know the liquor store owner arrested this week had nearly half a million dollars stashed in his closet. he and his wife were arrested in the corruption crackdown in
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prin george's county. news 4's jackie benson reports. >> reporter: a large crowd of amrik and ravinder melhis friends. the couple are accused of paying two cops to help them sell untaxed alcohol and cigarettes. court documents indicate $400,000 in cash was found in a enclosesest of the couple's howard county residence. during the bond hearing, prosecutors cite aid wiretap and dropped a tantalizing hint at what may be the next step in the investigation. >> the iormation, the inference that is out there is bribery. you know, the fact is, we are still very early in this case. >> i don't understand th. >> reporter: this was amrik melhi back in 2007, the day prince george's county executive jack johnson oered nine bars, including his tick tock liquor
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store and lounge closed as a nuisance establishment. a judge overturned it the xt day saying they did not provide sufficient evidence. three years later, mr. johnson finds himself on the other side of the law. last friday, he and his wife leslie johnson were arrested by the fbi for tamperg with evidence in a public corruption probe. as to whether the melhi wiretap recordings could link them to any county official, including the county executive, the amrik family attorney had this to say. >> their language is not the same kind of english as we hear. you know as well as anybody you hear tapes and things mean different things. >> reporter: in 1985, amrik melhi was accused of setting up sham marriages to help immigran getting green cards. he was ordered deported, fought that and remained in the united states. jackie benson, news 4 today.
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here's a story that might make you think twice before hopping on a metrobus. 151 passengers were hurt during the first nineonths of this year, according to the washington examiner. in various incints, it said. just 94 were hurt during the first nine months of last year. more than 50 were hurt this september alone. including one involving two buses that collided during a bad storm. metro safety and security commite chairman will request a report tomorrow. >> we have a tffic alert for commuters who use the dulles roadways. expect major delays this morning. the two right lanes on the eastbound side will be closed near buehler road overpass. according to the authority, the overpass was damaged yesterday afternoon when it was struck by a truck carrying a backhoe. the buehler road overpass and the two lanes ofhe toll road will be closed until the bridge is repaired. major delays are expected all morning.
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weather and traffic on the ones. it's 5:11 on this wednesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. storms are long gone we had last night. it left tree damage in fairfax, arlington, stafford county, washingtonounty had hail, and also some reports of damage in howard county. and the radar, though, just showing a few sprinkles in northern loudon and frederick and maryland now. no rain on tap for this morning. a mild start compatively. it's now in the 50s. climbing to the low to mid-50s. a blustery northwest wind gusting to 35 miles per hour. a few clouds racing through. tomorrow, mostly loudy. highs mid-50s. sunny friday and saturday but much cooler. afternoon highs just low to mid-50s. a look at sunday, monday,
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tuesday in ten minutes >> we have pictures of the tree down on the roadway in the district as we have had reporting. it w a big tree. close to observatory circle. does remain closed. we will continue to follow that. so follow police direction. it seems manageable. just aittle sampling what we may be up against. elwhere, lets head out through southeast washington. pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, just a reminder. i'm surprised. these construction barrels stayed in its place last night. through southeast, pretty quiet volume so far this morning. let's head over. 270, no early worries. route 15 in frederick near south patrick street. river road, tree down in the roadway. westbounriver road. west bound completely closed. northeast we have issues along rhode island avenue between 4th and 12th in northeast. one more stop this go round.
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we will head out and check the rails. metro, v re e so far so good. 5:12,55 degrees. ahead on news 4 today, this morning you can win free food for a year. what you have to do. also, he may have just signed a new contract, but what does it mean? why redskins fans may not be seeing donovan mcnabb for years after a >> the maker of aobt versal drink making
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ahead, why this video of former vice president cheney led his spokesperson t
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>> 5:15 our time. let's take a look at this morng's top stories. be prepared for a rough commute this morning. overnight storms tore roofs off buildings including this one on massachusetts avenue near the naval observatory in northwest. today jurors will deliberate the fate of chandra levy's accused killer. prosecutors closed by saying guandique's face was the last thing le saw before she died in rock creek park. but the defense said that was fiction. they argued there was no evidence linking guandique to levy's murder >> the liquor storewner arrested earlier this week had
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nearly a quarter million dollars stashed in the closet. e judge ordered the couple to be held without bond. the government is expected to ban popular alcoholic energy drinks like four loko calling them unsaf and illegal. one manufacturer may have beaten them to the punch. fusionroducts will remove caffeine and twoother ingredients from here out. authorities in several states have been work to go ban four loko, whh combines alcohol and caffne. it's been given the name "blackout in a can." >> we believe consumed legal by adult purchasers, we don't have the problems they say there are. your kids won't know it's dangerous til they get into trouble. >> five states, including new york, already banned the banchlg. last month nine washington state studentsere hospitalized after having the drink at a party.
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independt panel released a 28-page report late last night to bp's blown-out oil welln the gulf of mexico. the company, its contractors and federal regulators all made flawed decisions that contributed to the disaster. the chair of the 15-mber commtee that conducted the study said the well continued to operat despite several indications of potential hazards. the report said it might never be able to determine what happened because much of the evidence w lost when 11 workers died and the rig sank pack in april. the punishment phase of charlie rangel's ethics trial will continue tomorrow. the sanction hearing will begin at noon on thursday and will remain open to the public unless the majority of the members vote to close it. the announcement found rangel violated house rules. rangel walked out on the trial monday after the committee refused to give him more time to hire a lawyer. yesterday afternoon th pam of
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four democrats and four republicans convicted rangel of 11 of 13 charges of rules violations. first meeting between president obama and the congressional leaders since midterm elections has been moved to the end of this month. that meeting was supposed to take place at the white house tomorrow. several asked that it be moved because of scheduling conflicts. it will focus on cooperation between the parties and the white house. spending reductions, international trade and energy policy are expected to be major topics, as well as the proposed extension of those bush-era tax cuts. >> lisaurkowski increased her lead over joe miller. if you throw out the disputed votes, ones tat might be considered unusable because of the misspell of her name, she still leads by 2,200 votes. a miller spokesman said the
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campaign is interested in a recount if the vote was close, and he considers the current lead of 2,200 leads close enough. dick cheney was noticeably thinner. he used a cane when he walked out for the ceremony. the weight loss is a result of his hoital stage. he had heart surgery over the summer. cheney is now hoping to keep that weight off. he addedheney uses the cane only because of a bad knee that he injured while playing high school football. montgomery county residents will get to voice their ideas and concerns about sno removal in the county overnight. nancy navarro is holding a forum om 7:00 to 9:00 in silver spring.
5:20 am
navarro organized the forum because of the hundreds of calls she received during last year's record snowstorms. take a look at this video. fog led to zero visibility and caused this massive accident on interstate 77. two people were killed with several more seriously injured. cars were stacked on top of one another and tractor trailers jackknifed were turned on their sides >> a new online veo series trying to put a face on the tragedy of distracted training. he was thrown under the seats of the school bus and was not able to get out. and the bus from the truck caught on fire. department of transportation launched this campaign yesterday to raise awareness of talking and texting while behind the wheel. called faces of distracted driving. these video feature family and friends of those killed in accidents where distracted driving was the cause. transportation secretary ray
5:21 am
lahood said it is an issue that has become as serious as drunk driving. >> that's what we're trying to build, a snowball effect where people say we c't text and drive. we can't use a cell phone and drive. we can't do it safely. >> last year nearly 5500 people died and a half million were injured in accidents involving distracted driving. look at that. >> that message can't more serious. teenagers especially who text all the time now, consequences could be so deadly. all right, tom, looking to the forecast now. >> and getting quieter. the storms did produce tree mage but are gone thankfully. a few sprinkles in loudon and northern montgomery, frederick in maryland. they are quickly zing east and will be gone in the next hour or so. in the 50s throughout much of the region. low to mid-50s in nearby spushs
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and washington. near the bay, near 60 lower eastern shore. 40s in the mountains. lar today, a blustery wind much of the aa. should make it low to mid-60s. a few clouds racing through. winds gusting 30 to 35 mileper hour. tomorrow, a small chance of a sprin el. highs mid-60s. chilly on friday and saturday. low 50s friday. should be dry for the weekend for outdoor activities. looks like good crisp autumn weather. monday a tuesday we warm up a bit. clouds retning >> off we go checking things out into town along new york avenue, headed down toward the inrsection of florida avenue. no concerns. of course we have continuing issues on 4th and 12th. had storm damage here. last stretch that roadway was closed down. let's pop over and see how we're doing. 66, so far so good. pretty quiet morning. thats welcome news after last ght. lanes open all the way to the
5:23 am
capitol beltway. metro, vre, mark, all starting off quietly with no early issues reported. thank you, jerry. redskins fans may be questioning the new deal with donovan mcnabb after monday night's game, but this morni mcnabb's agent has clarified some of the details of the contract. while there could be up to $40 million in guaraees, the redskins would only be on the hook for $3.5 million if they cut mcnabb at the end of this season. if they decide to keep him, the veteran quarterback woulde due another $12.5 million during the off-season. he had two touchdowns and three interceptions in monday night's 58-29 mauling. >> what are you having for breakfast this morning? how do you feel about sinking
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your teethnto a juicy chicken sandwich. just wait in a long line outside the new chick-fil-a outside crystal city. they are giving away 10,000 free sandwiches to celeate its new opening on crystal drive in crystal city. fa have been camping out for this big day because the first 100 adults in line can win a year's supply of chick-fil-a meals worth $260. so my grandson can't show up in his cow costume. >> he doesn't have any teeth. >> it would be so cute. >> he is cute. 5:24. 56 degrees. coming up, a wild and dangers night across the region. we have reports of a possible twister. a look at some of the areas hardest hit after the severe storms overnight. also an update on the drug charges brought against a journalist in the district. why they have now been dropped for now. why some people in one george kenilworth.
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i'm doing a bit of light calisthenics,to practi2 day sale on friday morning. when i'm shopping i feel it right re. welcome back. georgetown neighborhood is divided this morning after neighbors began spying on each other about college students moving into homes illegally.
5:28 am
they want strict officials to get involved. >> the money they're paying for these rentals, they could easily pay for mpus housg. they would be on campus, having the campus experience, which i think is what they're looking for. >> the university i think does a good job making sure we know what we should be looking for. and i think theonus is on the individual to make sure licenses are in place and everything like that. >> so far residents reported 134 illegal rentals to the district. landlords could face fines of $2,000 a month if they don't have properly licenses. marijuana possession charges against a prominent washington journalist and his wife have been dropped. cbs radio porter were arrested back in october. at the time police seized several large marijuana plants from their house in georgetown. charges were dropped after a government witness failed to showor a hearing on the case sterday. the government could file charges again. >> stay with us now.
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the news continues at 5:30. stormy night. while you slept, some powerful storms swept through our area. a look at the damage. plus, in the hands of the jury, the fate of ingmar guandique will be eliberated. more to come. investigators hinting they are not done rounding up suspects charged in a series of corruption cases in prince george's county. good morning. i'm eun yang >> i'm joe krebs. welcome back to news 4 today, the 17th day of november, 2010. this morning, thousands of area residents are waking up in the dark. while you were sleeping a powerful line of storms blew through wn knocking out electricity to homes and businesses in washington, northern virginia and suburban maryland. northern virginia was hit hardest. 11,000 dominion customers have no power.
5:30 am
bge says more than 21,000 customers are in the dark right now. most of them in the baltimore area. >> all right. we want to know if the storms have moved out and if we are going to see calmer weather today, tom. >> yes. the storms are gone. we did get reports of isolated damage, not widespread damage but isolated damage in stafford county, fairfax county, arlington county, howard county and here in the district as well and also near baltimore. as we look at the radar now, are getting a few lingers sprinkles in perciville. and it is drifting east. those are just a few sprinkles. elsewhere, a few sprinkles in northern carrol county. temperatures balmy. mid-50s. now 56 at national airport. and we have still some lingering clouds east of s. but the cloud cover breaking up west of washington. out of the mountains it's
5:31 am
chillier. low 40s there. all this storminess from last night came from anrea of low pressure that swung a front through us and did trigger some isolated strong thunderstorm cells that areow y up into new england and into eastern new york state. for us today, though, a blustery day. we'll have the sunshineck. a few clouds racing midday in the low to mid-60s. window gusts 30 to 35 miles per hour. sunris 6:53. sunset, 4:53. we'll take a look at the forecast for thursday, friday, saturday. that will be coming up in ten minutes around 5:41. now let's check traffic. jerry, how is i looking? tom, out on the interstates, pretty quiet morning. good news for those of you heading on out. quiet and maybe some of the roadways may be drying out just a little bit. in virginia, i-95, headed north in le city, continuing up to the beltway, all travel lanes open.
5:32 am
let's check things out. making the trip in arlington, no rriesn fairfax drive. george mason between 15th and 16th, that is shut down because of power lines in the roadway. changeable situation out there this morning. let's pop out and see how we're doing on the rails. macc, rail, 401, six minutes behind schedule. >> thank you, rry. overnight storms toemed trees across the area, including this one on mass avenue near the naval observaty in northwest washington. megan mcgrath is live with a look at the damage. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. a lot of damage along the ode island avenucorridor. take a look at this house behind me herement you can see the fire department up on the roof. they're trying to assess the structural damage that was done
5:33 am
here, figure out if it's safe for people to be inside. you can se how the wind here just took the roof, a section of the roof off. there's also all kinds of debris behind this hous we have some broken windows. just a lot of damage. we are actually in the shopping center right in between rhode island avenue and brentwood road where the home depot is. overnight when the storm blew through it packed a powerful punch. we he a lot of damage here. the aj wright across the parking lot, they actually lost quite a bit of their roof. also the big air-conditioning unit on the top of the roof. it just came flyingoff. it's in ruins in the parking lot. also, the home depot, everything they had outside blew around. steve, you're with the company that takes care of this property. when you arrived, just what went through your mind when you saw the damage? >> i couldn't believe it. it w like devastation around here. everything just got blown off. as you said, the roof.
5:34 am
light pole was down. hot wire down in the front. pole ligh down in the back. inside home depot, all their storage areas were shredded. trees down. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: amount of work ahead of you. all right, steve, thanks so much. we just talked a little while ago with a gentleman who lives in the area. he said he and his wife woke up because of the noishgs the racket associated with this storm. he describ what they heard. well, it was like atrain roaring. this is quarter to 1:00. it woke my wife and i up. we heard the windows began to ttle. we tried to go downstairs in the basement. we laid down on theloor. it losted less than ten minutes. i came out and lked around and we had no lights. >> reporter: that gentleman thinks there might have been
5:35 am
some sort of a tornado that came through the area. of course we don't have confirmation of that. we can tell you there certainly is a lot of damage in this very small ea. shy mention to folks, rhode island avenue in this section right here by the shopping center is closed. that's going to be major problem for commuters. big commuter route. that could be a big problem as rush hour begins to build and stack up because it's completely shut down. lots of folks on the sce. lots of activity. we'll update you in the next half hour. back to you in the studio. >> looks like an awful lot of work ahead. >> reporter: up 95, several homes in baltimore have been damaged by what might be a tornado. right now wbal radio reports that firefighters are searching through homes in northeast baltimore that were badly damaged by some sort of strong wind gusts. there were reports of people injured but no reports of any deaths at this point. more details as they become available.
5:36 am
>> we have a traffic alert for commuters who use the dulles roadways. expect major delays this morning. the two right lanes on the eastbound side will be closed near buehler road overpass according to the authority, the overpass was damaged yesterday afternoon when it was struck by a truck carrying a backhoe. the buehler road overpass and the two lanes of the toll road will be closed until the bridge is repaired. drers should expect heavy delays. today jurors will deliberate the fate of chandra levy's accused killer. ingmar guandique is on trial for the murder of the d.c. intern. prosecutors closed by saying guandique's face was the last thing levy saw before she died in rock creek park. but the defense called that fiction. they argued there was no evidence linking guandique to where levy's body wafound. they said former california congressman gary condit is the one acting guilty. now a courtro bombshell. the case of a couple arrested in the latest round of raids in prince george's county may
5:37 am
include the bribing of unnamed public officials. amrik melhi and his wife ravinder were arrested this week. he and his wife were arrested in the corruption crackdown in prince george's county. nearly a quarter million dollars stashed in their close >> the fact is we are still very earlin this case. the judge ordered the couple without bond. more arrests are expected. former survivor producer accused of killing his wife is to appear in court today. heas arrested a his home in southern california last night. mexican authorities charged him with killing his wife at a cancun resor where they were staying earlier this year. his attorney said his client is
5:38 am
innocent and should not be extrited to mexico to face charges. tough results could come back as soon as today to determine whether a jawbone found on an aruban beach belongs to missing teenager natalee holloway. it is currently undergoing forensic testing in the netherlands. van der sloot has been arrested twice in connection with her disappearance but ver charged. >> our time is now 5:38. good bet many of you will be dog it when you head out to work ask school this morning. how the federal deposit is using face of death to get you to stop >> what police found inside a box alongside a busy highway. and heavy rain, even reports of twisters. it was a wild night across maryland and the district. live team coverage, inc
5:39 am
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5:41. good morning. time for weather and trafficn the ones. i'm meteorologist tom kearns. storms are long gun. sprinkles from gaithersburg to lleytonsville. elsewhere, we're drying out. winds increasing. mid-50s throughout much of the area.
5:42 am
40s in the mountains. later today, may hit low to mid-60s from the mountains east but not in the mountains. it will be chillier the. winds gusting 30 to 35 miles per hour. tomorrow, slight chance of a sprinkle. look at sunday into next week ten minutes. how is the traffic? > quie morning. a couple construction brels get blown in the roadway. beltway to connecticut avenue, r example. over here at the american lion bridge headed down through the work zone, south towards 66, really moving along very well. so that is good news. let's head over and head over to downtown. 395, beltway to the 14th street bridge, appears to be moving along well. leaving the district, flashing ghts but i think it's just a little activity on the shoulder. through northeast doing fine. new york haef, rhode island avenue, a stretch is closed. no delays on metro, vre or marc. thank you very much, jerry.
5:43 am
5:42. several local schoolland on a prestigious list. the engagement that has the world talking. we are hearing the ming story behind the engagement ring prince william
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. trees down across the area, this one on massachusettsavenue near the naval observatory. could snarl the morning commute. if you are just wake up, you missed powerful storms that blue through your area overnight. >> arlington is hardest hit. kimbly suiters is along mason
5:46 am
drive which looks like disaster area. >> reporter: the only thing we're missing is ice. it's something you exct to see maybe in janua. we are directly in front of virginia hospital nter. yocan see the utility pole absolute snapped andgot tangled with the lights here at the corner. people who were inside the hospital said it sounded like an explosion when it happened. i just talk to dominion virginia power crews. they said three lines going on, the phases, each carrying more than 19,000 volts. so 60,000 volts, snapping hitting the trees, and going directly to ground. that's what caused the explosive sound. some drivers had been ignoring the cones set not only here but also washington bouvard just a block away at washington and george mason. and one car parked directly under the snapped utility pole.
5:47 am
a very dangerous situation. as you can see, cs, ambulances, metro buses all driving through, around the detour here. traffic is blocked in the north and southbound directions. what you're eing is east and stbound direction. that is traffic coming from the west. they're allowed to go north. but that is it in this area. let's take one more look at the damage here. pretty incredible. people inside the hospital said the windows shook when this explosion happened. at this houre know 5,000 homes in northern virginia have no electricity. a great number of them here in north arlington. back to you >> kimberly, thank you. >> kimberly, thanks a lot. we understand tre are a number of trees and wires down in fairfax county. among the locations are wolf run, rutledge drive fairfax station. 5300 block of mitchell street
5:48 am
near alexandria. and 4700 block of spruce avenue in fairfax. you are urged to avoid those areas until the mess gets cleaned up. just as the fba was getting ready to ban four loko, the makers of the drk say it is changing the recipe. fusion products will remove caffeine and two other ingredients from its products going forward. authorities in several states have been working to combine it, which combines alcohol and caffeine. it has been given the name blackout in a can. students were hospitalized after having the drinkt a party. viktor bout arrived in new york last night where he will face charges of terrorism. russian officials say the extradition is unlawful and outrageous injustice. the former russian air force officer has been accused of supplying weapons used in conflicts in afra and in the middle east.
5:49 am
there were some scary moments at one of kids's favorite restaurants in california. three men burst into a chuck e. cheese and held customers and workers at gunpoint. restaurant cameras caught the men on security cameras. luckily, no one was injured. police a still looking for the men. members of the ethiopian community will protest outside the dc 9 nightclub in northwest washington this morning. they're upset that a hearing is being held which could reinstate the club's liquor license. it was revoked last month afr a confrontation between employees ended in a man's death. the charges were later dropped after the medical examiner could not link his death to the confrontation. today's protest begins at 10:00 a.m. a gruesome find in a box left on the side of a local highway.
5:50 am
state workers made the horrific discovery on a remote sttch of i-70 in frederick. >> reporter: the body was found in a cardboard box ang this range of highway. around 9:45 tuesday morning, state workers were here along the shoulder of 70 west bound in frederick here at mile marker 48. the workers noticed the box in a wooded embankment. one of tho workers called police. maryland state police shut down part of the interstate while forensic experts and crime scene technicians spent hours combing the brush for clues. >> the area the box was found in was very out of the way. it's a rural area. there's no houses around the bankment. it truly was about 10 to 15 ft away down the guardrail from an embankment. obviously there is foul play involved. >> reporter: the adult victim did not have identification, but that's about all they're saying. they're tight lipped about whether it was a man or woman.
5:51 am
at this point we're not revealing any descriptive information due to the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter: but they are saying their homicide could be a missing person from in or around d.c. they should know more wednesday. >> homicide investigators are awaiting results from the autopsy to determine how long the body may have been in the embankment and also the cause of death. >> reporter: meanwhile, maryland state police want to talk to anyone who saw someone pulled over at mile marker 48 in the past few weeks. >> the victim's body is at the medical examiner's office in baltimore. maryland state police say they are confident they will know todahow that victimdied. a middle school is closed today because of a power outage. >> arundel middle school. all right, tom, any more problems to speak of today? >>hankfully the storms are
5:52 am
long gone. this morning we're beginning to see our sky breaking up and the cloud cover is breaking up. right now on radar there's one area we're getting lingering sprinkles in northern montgomery county from darnstown and 270 toward south of montgomery village, to near lleytonsville, southern howard county. and it's tracking east on this wednesday morning. temperatures around the region are in the 50s. from the shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches. right now in washingn, 56. and in much of the region, we'll have the winds increasing as strong area of pressure already bringing chillier air into the mountains. that is what swung this through last night and won that front. isolated cells did produce straight line wind damage. don't have muc indication there were any tornados. now the cloud cover is breaking up. sunshine back. noon time make it up to 60. it may briefly touch the low to
5:53 am
mid-60s by early afternoon. winds shifting northwest will be over 30 to 35 miles per hour. then clearer for thisevening. a nearly full moon by midnight into the 40s. clouds return tomorrow morning. near 40. quite a bit of cloudiness. ghs mid-50s. sunny and chilly on friday. again, on saturday and sunday. so it looks like a crisp autumn weekend. great for outdoor activities. monday, tuesday, clouds return. we warm up a bit. jerry, how is the traffic? >> for those of you making the trip out, pretty quiet, at least on the interstate so far. up in maryland, capito beltway and south of town to wilson bridge, no early hangups. see how we're doi elsewhere. in town, new york avenue, kenilworth seem to be doing all right. long island avenue a stretch closed between 4th and 12th in northwest. georgia avenue and irving street inorthwest washington. tooklong georgia avenue, 16th
5:54 am
street. a lot of trees on 16th down toward walter reed. seems to be pretty well. no issues to report on military road. we're watching it very carefully. it's been a very changeable situation all morning long. metrorail, no delays. vre, one on fredericksburg, 302. marc rail, penn 503, six minutes behind schedul a new online video series trying to put a face on the distracted driving. department of transportation launched this campaign yesterday to raise awareness of talking and texting while behind the wheel. called faces of diracted driving. these videos feature family and friends of those killed in accidents where distracted driving was the cause. transportation secretary ray lahood said it is an issue that has become as serious as drunk driving. >> that's what we're tryg to build, a snowball effect where people say we can't text and drive, we can't use a cell phone and drive.
5:55 am
we can't do it safely. >> last year nearly 5,500 ople died a a half million were injured in accidents involving distracted driving. here's a story that might make you think twice before you hop on metros. 151 metrobus passengers were hurt during the first nine months of this year, according to the washington examiner. just 94 were hurt during the first nine months of last year. re than 50 were hurt this september alone. including one involving two buses that collided dung a bad storm. metro safety and security committee chairman will request a report on september's incident tomorrow. students at several local schools have a lot to be proud of this morning. they just received the 2010 blue ribbon awards. it is part of the u.s. department of edation and recognizes elementarymiddle and high schools with high student achievement. maryland, st. john the baptist
5:56 am
in silver spring was named. and virginia st. ambre. st. teresa. the world is still a buzz this morning after the announcement of a royal wedding. after months of speculation, britain's prince william officially announced he asked his long-time girlfriend, kate mileton, to marry him. he is second in line to the throne. carried the engagement ring around for weeks before propo proposing to a trip to africa last month. the ring he gave middleton is the same one worn by his mother, the late princess diana. >> we've been talking about it for a long time. we were iends for over a year first. and we just spent more time th each other, had a good giggle, had lots of fun. >> actually, i think i went bright red i'm very shy about meeting you. so it did take a bit of time for us to get to know each other. the couple is expected to
5:57 am
marry next spring or summer. when that takes place, kate will be the first commoner to marry an english monarch since the 1600s. breaking news. we've been telling you about the storms that hit our area. this is the trenton mercer airport in new jersey, central new jersey. this is live video of an airplane, an airplane damaged. one plane has been flipped over. at least several other planes damaged by high winds that hit that part of new jersey. once again, the trenton mercer airport in ewing, new jersey. planes flipped over, damaged by high win. and we'll be right back. stay with us.
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